Increase Productivity With Easy To Use Workflows For Remote & Distributed Teams

Easily define and use any repeatable workflow

Assign who is doing each task of the workflow

Get notified when it’s time to start your task

Track the status of all your work in one place without a single meeting, email or phone call


Workflow dashboard

View all your tasks from all workflows in one place. Tasks dashboard is updated in real-time.

Workflow templates

Easily create and use workflows which are available to the entire team.


Forget about flowcharts. Automate decisions and get rid of the crazy mess of email and chat.

Track and control

Track everything with no stress. See what's on time and what's late. You won’t have to ask about the status of a task ever again.

Use cases

Client Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Product Design

Vacation Requests

Marketing Campaign

Content Marketing

Budget Approval

Quality Assurance

Boost Productivity With Automated Workflows For Remote & Distributed Teams

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